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Red Judaism UK is an outreach program promoting products related to Sabbateans; concerned with the accurate representation of Sabbateans to the public due to mistreatment by various authors (e.g. here); and discussing anything relevant to Sabbateans whether on this website, Twitter, YouTube, or other forms of social media.

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The term Red Judaism refers to תורת אדום (Edomean Torah) also known as תורת האיש הידוע (The Gnosis-Ish's Torah) which was originally too Christian for Rabbinical Judaism and too Jewish for Christianity. The Sabbatean Minhag is concerned with saving people from Edom before the coming with. It is idea that the prophesied Messianic emanation of the Heavenly Father was known not only in Judaism but also known among Aryan nations as Mithras / Mithra / Mitra / Maitreya etc., identified as Helios in Greek and Sol Invictus in Latin. The Edomean Torah was adopted by the Nerva-Antonine dynasty of Roman Emperors which is why Rome came to be known as Edom in Judaism and from the Judaic perspective subsequently became the basis of Christianity which is why Christendom is likewise called Edom in Judaism. But Christendom did not embrace this identification sometimes turning its Antisemitism on such Hebrews mocked for being Jewish and Christian while neither Jew nor Gentile. Moreover, the "Arianism" of the Edomeans "in their tabernacles and the Ishmaelites" was blamed for "devising" Islam as George Syncellus noted in 808AD. By the Middle-Ages, attitudes towards Red Judaism had softened among Ashkenazi Jewish communities which equated it with acceptance of the Messiah ben Joseph among the lost tribes of Israel even going so far as to refer to its subscribers as "Red Jews". But Christendom's continued anti-Semitic attitude towards them is evidenced by Reformation writers such as Martin Bucer and Philipp Melanchthon. Nevertheless, despite attempts to eliminate the "Red Jews", Red Judaism survived into the present under the Sabbatean Minhag whose descendants were still recognized as Jews by the state of Israel as recently as 2014 despite still being the most despised and slandered of all Jewish groups by many Christian writers.

Sabbatean Hebrews are the followers of the one who comes from Edom.